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bio kolagen

Welcome to the website of the BIO KOLAGEN™

We proudly present the new, high-tech BIO KOLAGEN™ collagen preparation, which was developed by Polish scientists on the basis of all the previous experience and tested patents. It was improved by recent discoveries in molecular biochemistry. Now we are the owners of the most up-to-date production method of BIO KOLAGEN ™ preparation.

BIO KOLAGEN™ the best possible choice

In contrast to other, well known collagen preparations, BIO KOLAGEN™ is characterized by unique and the most natural method of production. Higher concentration of biologically active collagen and gentle, silk like, soft consistency , makes possible to use it more economically and to achieve better effects. It is the purest cosmetic collagen preparation.

The most natural way of production
BIO KOLAGEN™ is produced as a result of extra fine filtration, thanks to which it maintains almost identical structure of the triple helix as human protein, which is responsible for the biological activity of the preparation.

Te highest concentration of collagen
in BIO KOLAGEN™ the concentration level of pure biologically active collagen reaches 95 per cent, which places our preparation on the first place among collagen preparations, for which the priority is concentration of protein what results in high effectiveness.

Velvet, soft, comfortable consistency
proper materials, saturated with the healthiest omega-3 fatty acids is a warranty of the most delicate and pleasant consistency among consistencies of the other collagen preparations.

Our preparation BIO KOLAGEN™ is natural collagen extracted from rare cyprinid species, coming from the cleanest Polish fish farms. BIO KOLAGEN™ does not contain any perfumes nor preservatives. It preserves activity a year after the expiry date, which is characteristic for natural products.

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